Storyboard came out since iOS 5.

The main basic concept of Storyboard is Scene. Scene represents a view controller and it’s views.

(On iPhone, 1 scene = 1 full screen of content; on iPad, multiple scenes can be on 1 screen at once—for example, using popover view controllers).

Segue represents a transition between 2 view controllers (2 scenes). A segue can be modal or push (standard transitions) or it can be a custom transition.

  1. To pass data between scenes:  we use prepareForSegue:sender: . This function is invoked on our view controller when a segue is triggered. This function will customise the next view controller before it appears.
  2. To trigger a segue programmatically: we use performSegueWithIdentifier:sender: 

Storyboard is for now the only way to program for Watch app, so we need to practice more of it.