iPhone 6 vs 6 Plus

If you haven’t got an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus before, just look at the right bottom: iPhone 6 has 6 holes on the right side of the charger and 6+ has 8 holes. Also you can check the Model in the back – if it’s A158* it’s iPhone 6, 6+ is A159*.

The iPhone6+ actually runs in Landscape mode, that’s why it’s called “phablet” (5.5 to 7 inches). It allows Split View Mode for the Landscape 6+, along with additional keys in the keyboard. Also we can 2-finger swipe to change tab in Safari landscape.


Watch Apps in Background and how to Force-Quit !

Watch apps don’t just quit when they go to background. They actually stay in the background mode, so that when you launch them back to foreground, you can still be in the same page that you left.

To force-quit the app, press & hold the Watch power button for a while until you see Power Off screen, then release, press & hold again to force quit them.